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The Spa

Schedule yourself a day of relaxation and pampering at the BLU Indigo Spa. Our spa and services are specifically designed to enhance your therapeutic experience and promote overall health and comfort. Each member of our expert staff is professionally trained and devoted to bringing you back to your optimal state of being.

Let our expert staff take you on a journey to establishing a new and revitalized you! Let us help you put your best self forward with any of our specialty spa massage and facial services.

Getting a massage is more than just a spa day treat. Massage therapy serves many purposes including relaxing your body and mind so that it is capable of taking on the daily stressors of life. An occasional massage is a great way to indulge yourself in full body relaxation and to give yourself a boost of energy, so you can get back to handling business. Receiving a regular massage can help supplement your body and mind’s health. Massages have many benefits including reducing stress, removing toxins that are built up in your muscles, reducing anxiety, alleviating pain, and more.

Our luxury spa offers the following Massage Services:

Put your best face forward with one of our luxury spa facial treatments. Each facial treatment is a multi-step skin care process that targets dead skin cells and excess oil for removal while hydrating and smoothing skin for a brighter, healthier complexion. During each facial treatment our esthetician will discuss your skin care concerns and continuing care recommendations. No matter which option you choose, you’ll leave feeling like a whole new you.

Choose from the following facial treatment options:

Eyes may be the window to your soul but your hands show more about you to others than any other part of your body. The impression you give others with well cared for nails and hands will speak to your attention to detail and may even show a bit of your personality. Taking care of your nails also speaks volumes to the importance of your own health. Regular manicures and pedicures are more than just a fashion statement – they should be a regular part of your wellness routine.

Our nail care treatments include the following services: