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Therapeutic is defined as “relating to the healing of disease”, and our therapeutic massages are specially designed to do just that.

Unlike other massages, therapeutic massage is not a full body massage, or one designed solely for relaxation. The goal of a therapeutic massage is to achieve structural changes in the body in order to address and resolve the client’s health concern. Therapeutic massages are conducted as a series of massages, each time moving closer and closer to achieving the desired structural changes in the body.

What to Expect

When considering therapeutic massage to correct or help with a problem, you will first discuss your specific complaint. For example, you may seek therapeutic massages to help alleviate spasms in your lower back or tightness in your neck and shoulders that greatly restrict your mobility, or postural concerns – or all of the above. Your massage therapist will then:

  • Make a full assessment of your condition. Your therapist will gather information about your health history and information pertaining to the issue at hand. You may be asked to share when the pain, spasm, or issue began; was the onset of the issue sudden or did it follow a significant event (e.g. car accident); where you experience your pain and how (stabbing, throbbing, needle pricks, etc.); and other questions to help determine the best course of action. Your therapist may also observe your movements, range of motion and flexibility, and inspect the area for signs of tightness, tissue damage, tissue consistence, etc.
  • Create a treatment plan. Once the assessment has been completed and your therapist has a full understand of your condition then a treatment plan is created to resolve the issue. The plan will recommend massage therapy treatments that are geared towards making structural changes within your body. The treatment may recommend working on smaller issues and building up over time or perform massages to a target area instead of the whole body. Supplementing an at home treatment such as hot/code presses or stretches will also be discussed at this time. If necessary, medical treatment may be advised.
  • Carry out the treatment. Now that you and your massage therapist have devised a plan of action to resolve your concerns, it is time to take action and put the plan into motion. Your massage therapist will conduct the necessary massage therapies, you’ll perform the at home care, and work in conjunction with any recommendations made by your physician.
  • Review your progress. After completing the treatment plan, you and your massage therapist will sit down together once more and discuss improvements that were made. Has your pain lessened? Do you have more mobility? Is your posture better? Depending on your answers to these types of questions, additional care may be recommended, or treatments may be scheduled more closely together.
If you have any type of health condition, you should consult your doctor prior to getting any kind of massage service to ensure that your health will not be affected. We also ask that you inform us of any health concerns or allergies that you may have so that we can best serve you and your needs without compromising your health or the health of our other guests. Certain massages may not be conducted for clients with select conditions. For more information, contact our spa about the specifics of this policy. We appreciate your understanding.