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Couple’s Massage

Couple’s who massage together, stay together.

This isn’t just a silly gimmick – it is actually founded in scientific fact. In general massages have been proved to be extremely beneficial; not just for physiological reasons but psychological ones as well. Getting a massage encourages relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, promotes healing of strained muscles, improves muscle dexterity and range of motion, and releases certain hormones in the body – like oxytocin.

Oxytocin is known as the “love” hormone or the “feel good hormone”; it helps the body and mind relax and is one of the hormones that are released when you are attracted to someone.

When you get a massage with your significant other, you can strengthen your bond and attraction by sharing the experience and having additional love hormones released while they are around. Taking part in the experience together can also help to strengthen your closeness and keep a strong connection between you and your partner.

On the plus side, in a state of total relaxation, you are less likely to feel stressed or anxious while around your significant other which can psychologically link them in your mind as a calming presence.

Couple’s massages, although they can be romantic, do not have to be limited to just significant others. They can also be an enjoyable, relaxing experience with another loved one like a friend or relative. You can still have the benefit of strengthening bonds and relationships that a massage can encourage.