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Teen Facial

Being a teenager comes with many unique challenges, and our skin is no exception. Teens face unique challenges when it comes to skin care as their skin is maturing from childhood but has not yet settled into what it will be like as an adult. Add that in with varying levels of hormones and you have the perfect recipe for major breakouts, blackheads, dry or blotchy skin, or uneven skin tones. Our teen facial is designed specifically to target the unique qualities and needs of a teenager’s skin.

Most teens are unaware of what types of products to actually use for their skin type or acne issue. Too often they use whatever product they see advertised that claims to correct their problem. More often than not these products are too aggressive or not aggressive enough. That’s why our teen facial is more than just a relaxing facial for younger clients; it is an opportunity to learn about your skin type and how to properly care for it while receiving the right kind of facial to jumpstart your treatment.

Our Process: Teen Facials

Our teen facial is perfect for any youth, boy or girl, who is struggling with caring for their skin. We will begin by talking with you about your skin. How do you feel about your skin? What areas of concern do you have? Are you wanting to target dry skin, oily skin, blackheads, or major breakouts? Getting to know you and what you want out of your facial will help our esthetician create a custom facial just for you. Your esthetician will complete an individualized skin analysis to ensure we are addressing the specific needs of your skin type.

We begin the facial with a gentle steam cleanse to open your pores and loosen dead skin cells. We follow with a gentle exfoliation that serves multiple purposes: to remove the dead surface cells that block pores and cause breakouts, and to prep the skin for the next step of a deep cleansing – pore extraction. By cleansing your pores of congestion, your skin will be healthier and see a reduction in breakouts. We finish with a healing mask that is customized based on your skin care needs such as helping to rehydrate dry, flaky skin or to eliminate oily particles.

Finally, our esthetician will review your unique skin care needs and provide educational information to ensure you know what is needed for ongoing skincare maintenance.