Blu Indigo Spa Manicure Valrico FL

Illuminating Facial

Recommended for anyone seeking to recapture a brighter more radiant complexion. This exquisite protocol revitalizes and brightens your complex to using I iluma intense brightening cleansers and serums leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

There are many things that can cause our skin to dull over time: the sun, acne, harsh products, and simply aging. An illumination facial can be used to help correct the dullness that has occurred to the skin over time. Our illumination facial is ideal for anyone with an uneven complexion, to correct hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, age spots, and acne scarring.

This luxurious treatment will illuminate and brighten the skin, leaving behind a smooth and natural radiance. A facial cleanse and gentle exfoliation is followed by the application of the illuminating facial serum. Slowly massaged onto your face, this serum is mostly comprised of a Vitamin C base infused with coconut oil and superfruit extracts. These naturally active ingredients work to regulate the skin pigmentation providing an illuminating and even complexion. This facial should be enjoyed regularly in order to maintain the skin’s radiance.