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Eyebrow Tint

The secret to getting long-lasting full, beautiful eyebrows 

If you have been paying attention to the fashion and cosmetic industry at all lately then you know everything is all about having the perfect eyebrows right now. But getting those full, beautiful eyebrows is no easy task – between the outlining with a pencil, shaping, and filling in with a liquid or gel. For many women, perfecting their eyebrows takes up the most amount of time in their entire makeup routine. Eyebrow tinting services make it easy to have full, beautiful eyebrows all the time without having to apply any makeup at all. And the best part is it’s a quick and affordable service.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting services are cosmetic procedures that use a semi-permanent, vegetable dye to darken your eyebrow hairs and leave behind a full, beautiful brow that will last for weeks without having to fill them in with a gel or pencil. The eyebrow tint will stick to your hair only, so you don’t have to worry about any stains being left behind on your skin. Even though the brow tint does not actually stick to the skin in between your eyebrow hairs, getting a brow tint done can often make your eyebrows appear to be fuller because the hairs are evenly colored all the way through.

The eyebrow tinting process

While you may come across DIY at-home brow tinting kits, it is essential that you have your eyebrow tinting completed by a trained and highly-skilled esthetician who uses high-quality dye and works in a clean salon. Here is what you can expect to experience during your brow tinting service:

  • You and your esthetician will work together to choose the proper tint color based on your hair color and skin tone
  • Your esthetician will remove any makeup you have on around the eyebrows and will thoroughly cleanse the area
  • Your esthetician will mix your chosen tint color and the developer
  • Your esthetician will then apply a protective cream on the skin around your eyebrows
  • Your esthetician will use a small cotton applicator to apply the brow tinting dye to your eyebrows
  • The brow tinting dye will need to sit and set for about 10 minutes
  • Your esthetician will then remove any excess brow tint dye with soap and water to complete the process.

The end result should be beautiful, bold looking eyebrows that help redefine your face.

How long will eyebrow tinting last?

Your eyebrow tinting service will last about as long as it takes for your current brow hair to fall out and for new, un-tinted hair to take its place. You may not realize it, but this typically happens within a four to six-week period. The amount of time your tinting service will last varies from one person to another, some clients report it lasting the full six weeks or longer while others report it fading within two to three weeks.

Combining an eyebrow tinting service with an eyelash tinting service is the perfect way to bring attention to your eyes and improve your overall appearance without having to put on any makeup at all. To schedule your next brow tinting service, contact the licensed estheticians at Blue Indigo Spa today.