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Eyebrow Tint & Wax

The key to obtaining long-lasting full and breathtaking eyebrows

For those who have been following the latest beauty and makeup trends at all recently you already know it is all about obtaining the ideal eyebrows at the moment. However, attaining such full and perfectly shaped eyebrows is not a simple process – from filling them in using some sort of pencil or gel to tweezing and plucking to achieve the best size and shape, a lot of women devote the most amount of time in their beauty routine mastering their eyebrows. Brow tinting and waxing services make it effortless to get full, stunning eyebrows at all times without the need to put on any kind of makeup at all. And more importantly it is a fast and affordable service.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting services are cosmetic treatments that utilize a semi-permanent, vegetable dye that will color your eyebrow hair leaving behind a full, beautiful brow that can last for a few weeks without needing to fill them in with a gel or pencil. The eyebrow color is formulated adhere to your hair only, which means you won’t need to worry about it staining your skin. Although the dye does not adhere to the skin between the eyebrow hairs, having a brow tint done may help make your eyebrows look fuller since the hairs will be evenly shaded all the way through.

The eyebrow tinting and waxing process

Although you can come upon do it yourself at-home eyebrow tinting and waxing sets, it is important to get your eyebrow tinting and waxing done by a qualified and highly-skilled esthetician who works with high-quality dye as well as within a clean and sanitary environment. This is what you should experience during your eyebrow tinting and waxing service:

  • You and your esthetician will work together to select the right tint color based upon your hair color and complexion
  • Your esthetician should clear away any kind of cosmetic products you have got on near you’re your eyebrows and completely clean the area
  • Your esthetician will combine your selected tint color with the developer
  • Your esthetician then applies a protective cream onto the skin surrounding your eyebrows
  • Your esthetician uses a tiny cotton applicator to apply the brow tinting dye on your eyebrows
  • The brow tinting dye has to settle and dry for approximately 10 minutes
  • Your esthetician will then clean any extra brow tint dye using soap and water
  • The next step in the process is to “map” your brows to ensure you get the perfect shape
  • Your esthetician will apply the warm wax and use paper strips to remove the wax and unwanted hairs
  • Your esthetician will then use scissors or tweezers to remove any stubborn unwanted hairs the wax left behind
  • Finally, your esthetician can apply a calming lotion around your eyebrows, if needed

The final result should be stunning, perfectly shaped and bold eyebrows which help redefine your face and leave you with beautiful eyebrows that require no makeup.

How long does eyebrow tinting and waxing last?

Your eyebrow tinting and waxing service can last roughly the same amount of time as it takes for the existing brow hair to fall out and for fresh, un-tinted hair to replace it. You probably aren’t aware of it, but this generally occurs in a four to six-week time frame. Just how long your tinting and waxing service can last is different from one individual to the next, some clients claim it lasts the entire six weeks or even longer and others state it fades within just two to three weeks.

Combining an eyebrow tinting and waxing service with an eyelash tinting service is the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes and improve your overall appearance without needing to apply any makeup at all. To schedule your next eyebrow tinting and waxing service, contact the licensed estheticians at Blue Indigo Spa today.